WHO TV Iowa: ISIS and Others Deserve ‘More Than Talking Points’ New Group Says

February 6, 2015

By Dave Price

DES MOINES, Iowa–A new group challenged Iowans to ask tough questions of 2016 presidential candidates when it comes to foreign policy. But its leader denied this is just a plan to get Republicans ready to take on Hillary Clinton.

Former Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers held a news conference Thursday afternoon at the Iowa Statehouse to talk about the efforts of his group, APPS, Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security. The group wants Iowans to push candidates beyond just “talking points.” Rogers said, “It can’t just be, ‘I’m for Israel. I don’t like ISIS. ISIS is bad or arm the Ukranian rebels.’ If that’s the best you can talk about this issue, I think we’re in trouble. You have to understand the basics of why all of those positions are important.”

Rogers said the efforts are focused on Republican presidential candidates. He, by the way, is not planning on running for president and added that his group won’t endorse a Republican candidate.

“Absolutely not,” Rogers said when asked whether the effort would help Republicans against Clinton, the expected Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State, “It’s because America faces the worst threats I’ve ever seen.”

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