Statement in Response to Pat Caddell

November 17, 2016

Andy Keiser, Spokesperson to The Honorable Mike Rogers

“The mainstream media twisted Mike Rogers’ words and the findings of the Benghazi report to protect Hillary Clinton.  Mike Rogers lambasted Hillary Clinton and supported Donald Trump on television and radio for the past 18 months.  The implication that he is soft on Hillary Clinton is absurd.

It is time that all media fact check their stories for accuracy. The House Intelligence Committee has jurisdiction over the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies, not the State or Defense Departments. The House Intelligence Committee Benghazi report said that Hillary Clinton dismissed repeated threat warnings and denied requests for additional security in eastern Libya, thereby placing U.S. personnel at unnecessary risk.  It also found that Clinton perpetuated an inaccurate story that matched the Administration’s misguided view that the United States was nearing a victory over al-Qa’ida. Consequently, Congressman Rogers voted to create The Benghazi Select Committee to pursue further investigation into those failures.

Further, the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Benghazi was STRICTLY an intelligence investigation.  The Committee interviewed every single member of the intelligence community who was in the fight in Benghazi.

Further, Caddell’s comments are completely inaccurate and slanderous.  There is absolutely no merit to this conspiracy story.  Media must be held accountable to pushing such erroneous stories. “His wife” had no involvement with companies protecting the embassies or any embassy at that time. There was absolutely no conflict of interest.  Caddell’s comments are patently proven to be false.  Specious and untrue accusations should not be tolerated in this important debate.”