ICYMI – Mike Rogers on State of the Union

February 17, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – In case you missed it, Mike Rogers, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, appeared on State of the Union this week with Jim Acosta, CNN Senior White House Correspondent. Rogers discussed the President’s AUMF proposal and what Congress should do to strengthen it and ensure it will be successful in the fight against ISIS.

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Mike Rogers on the President’s AUMF: “This is a monumental failure of leadership. If he had approached Congress before and met with Members of both parties, he could have had a product he asked for that would have passed in a week. I was calling for an AUMF back in August and September because if you are going to ask these men and woman to serve in a tough neighborhood you have to give them all the full faith and confidence.”

Mike Rogers on the Denmark Shooting: “Unfortunately, with what you see with ISIS they are looking for aspirational encouragement everywhere, Denmark, United States, Australia, Canada and you are seeing people take action. The one place they believe they can get credibility is any blasphemous talk of the Prophet Mohammed is currency for them in order to encourage these folks who are on the edge of radicalization to bring them over.”