Month: September 2017

Statement by the Honorable Mike Rogers on Harvard & Chelsea Manning

September 15, 2017


Washington, D.C. – “I applaud Harvard’s decision to rescind the invitation to Chelsea Manning to serve as a visiting fellow. It should never have been extended in the first place. While I support, wholeheartedly, free speech and open dialogue, this does not extend to treasonous behavior such as Ms. Manning’s. Harvard’s decision to extend the invitation was tantamount to endorsing her behavior.

Ms. Manning’s reckless actions compromised American national security and endangered lives. Her actions should not be rewarded with an opportunity at such a distinguished institution, where she would join accomplished former members of the Department of State, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency and other government servants; individuals who risked their own lives and the lives of those who served under them to uphold our American democracy.”