10 U.S. sailors in Iranian custody

January 13, 2016

Washington (CNN) Despite 10 American sailors being in Iranian custody, President Barack Obama stuck to his State of the Union script Tuesday night and made no mention of the incident, instead touting his nuclear deal with Tehran.

But former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, a Republican, criticized Kerry for attending the State of the Union before the sailors were released.

“The secretary of state should not say, ‘It’s gonna be soon, real soon,'” Rogers said on CNN. “We need to have the secretary of state engaged in this issue right now. In fact, I’m not sure I would have him at this speech.”

Roger also dismissed the idea, put out by the administration, that the transfer of the sailors could not happen at night because it would be too dangerous.

“This notion that it happens at night and can’t be done safely is absolute hooey, absolute hooey,” Rogers said. “This should be done, it should be done immediately, and I think every level of our government should be applied to this, including our secretary of state.”

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